Core Competencies

Deploying the preeminent international practices and systematic developments, Hadron Techs. is committed to structuring, installing and maintaining a full range of high-quality RFID Technology & Biometric identification and identity management solutions. These solutions are designed & developed for an extensive array of IT applications which brings substantial benefits in the diverse verticals such as

» Supply Chain
» Retail Asset and Record Security System
» High Security
» IT enabled Services
» New Product Design and Development
» Feature Enhancement
» Product Platform Migration
» Software Product Testing
» Software Product Maintenance and Support
» Product Release and License Management

    We have developed a sophisticated project management methodology to ensure timely, unswerving and correct release of quality solutions to preserve a soaring echelon of client satisfaction. We continuously benchmark our products and services against worldwide acknowledged quality standards.


    Hadron Techs continues to gain experience in deployed and supported systems. The following are the representative systems of specialization.

    » Intrusion detection.
    » Access control
    » Fire protection
    » Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
    » GSM and GPS-Based Vehicle Management
    » Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
    » RFID Integration for End-User Customer Care and In-Process Integration
    » Smart-Connectivity - Seamlessly Interconnecting Remote instruments
    » Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring
    » Remote Medical Device/Instruments Error Handling Interfaces
    » Electronic Asset Management Systems
    » Self-Learning Decision Support Systems
    » Fleet Management Systems
    » Pet & Resource Surveillance

    Standards Adherence

      Hadron Techs continuously implements standards in their development and deployment including the following standards.
      American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
      Electronic Record Keeping and Signatures, per FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Design Control Elements as per FDA 21 CFR Part 820. FDA and ISO Quality
      System Requirements(QSR)
      HIPAA, EPCGlobal, ISO, and IEEE Guidance Documents & Standards
      European EN Guidance Documents
      HL7 and ASTM Protocols
      NCCLS/CLSI Guidance and Standards
      IEEE/AAMI/MIL Standards,

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