Our Methodology

Hadron Techs believe in different sets of methodology which enable us to setup a technique for gathering, accumulating, evaluating, and delivering information. Our methodology consists of a particular procedure or a set of procedures to provide more accurate information related to any process or operation which establishes practical approach, practical ideas and proven ideologies for given areas of operational activity, such as the planning, design development or management of IT-based systems.
Hadron methodology has:

1). A particular set of principles and discipline;
2). A formal collection of concepts, ideas, and theories
3). Competitive analysis for various approaches.


Evaluation of individual processes

Our Methodology refers to a simple set of methods where the activities are primarily intellectual. By using a specific methodology, the analysis and design activities are governed in software development. This again conveys that everything can be put in a nutshell for the regulation or a series of progressions, actions, and responsibilities. Every individual KRA are assigned and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measured by which the performances of organizations, business units, and their division, departments and employees are periodically assessed.

Operational Methodology


Hadron Techs Pvt. Ltd. believes in strategic approach towards the development of any project. Our team of professionals has brought up certain steps in practice for achieving goals involved in a project development. At Hadron Techs, the product quality is identical to process quality. A tough progression of discipline is necessary to accomplish mandatory quality level in any creation within the specified time line as well as finances. Following this set of procedures helps an organization to develop high quality products and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Analyzing Functional Features:

We always start our research from the area where your business could get affected with the development of new products. We analyze the effect on the existing process and set base functionality for new product development after organizing the requirement given by you. Once functionality is set, a complete Project Report or SRS (Software Requirement Specification) is made and submitted to you for approval with other functional competencies clearly defined at various levels of development.



After the approval of SRS collected from the clientele end, we designed a strategic planning accordingly to the amount of work needed to be done. We deploy different teams for various phases of the project to make sure the project is completed in the stipulated time. Hadron Techs strongly believes that for the successful completion of the project the transitional milestones have to be timely delivered with client's feedback included at each of the completion phase.

Architectural Design:


Prior to actual coding, the Project Development Team develops design architecture and all the detailed specifications given by you for the project to be developed. This design includes both the GUI design (Graphical User Interface) as well as the database design. A set of interfaces is defined for each component. The designed architecture reduces the overall development time, curtails the integration process and progresses the testability of the product.



Hadron Techs believe in process oriented design, we implement the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process with different phases. It utilizes full control of procedures at every phase to alleviate project risks and guarantee proficient performance and high-class project implementation. We have a unique and strong technical team of experienced professionals who advocates for using sophisticated technology tools, high in performance but low in costs. The project development coding is done in a phase-wise distributed manner and all the modules are developed in parallel.

Quality Monitoring


In Hadron Techs Pvt. Ltd., we have a dedicated Quality Department responsible for Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The QA monitors the whole project from start till end at each and every phase of development. Depending on the project size, we assign a dedicated Testing team and characterize a timeframe for its work. We systematically test and debug each and every module unit by unit as and when they are being produced. This permits optimizing resources contribution and thus project costs. QA professionals work separately from the development team yet in close collaboration with them. We document at each and every phase as an essential part of each project. Our efficient documenters create all software related documents like online help, user manuals, etc. We efficiently provide documents according to the version of software released. All this helps us to carry out maintenance tasks without much difficulty.

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