RONFIN Application

HTPL RONFIN financial software enables communication through a network system connecting various departments. Facilitating centralized financial decision making tools that send various reports and strategies.

RONFIN enable organizations to makes data storage manageable and less bulky. All the financial records are reserved in our application which helps an organization to continually audit and analyze business performance.

Benefits of the RONFIN Solution Platform

  • It supports both: MS-SQL, DB2, POSTGRESS, MySQL and it caters to all size of organizations.
  • HTPL offers outstanding Solution for Credit Appraisal as well as Suit (Legal) File/Recovery System
  • and also offers HRMS, MIS, Reconciliation, Payroll, Investments, Borrowing, Fixed Assets Management and Inventory.
  • RONFIN Software has excellent features for Advances Loans to Societies, Mortgage, Vehicle Loan, Self-Help-Groups (SHGs) etc. Parent-child Concept; SHG & Members, mirrored accounting.
  • RONFIN Software also has features for all types of Retail Loans, Agriculture Loans .
  • The RONFIN software covers the most basic and the most appropriate